Case studies are presented to show the range of improvements achieved across vehicle fleets of different sizes. Imise has worked with owner drivers and fleets with more than 1,000 vehicles. The case studies presented here are intended to give an introduction into what can be achieved when the correct approach is taken.

Case Study 40% Improvement in Fuel Consumption

This case study was undertaken with a fleet of less than 20 commercial vehicles. It was implemented within two weeks. When a 40% improvement is mentioned, most people cannot, quite understandably, believe it. However, it is true, download the document and read what the company itself said.


Case study 19.1% Improvement for a Large Fleet

This was an all encompassing case study done with a large fleet. It lasted seven years and saved the company millions of pounds. The savings started almost immediately and continued to increase throughout the project.



More case studies to follow.